Building or repairing a U47 microphone - FAB now have a range of BV style transformers of the highest quality for Neumann U47, U47FET, U67 and M49 microphones.

We are a UK based company dedicated to the development of the very best Ribbon, Valve and FET microphone transformers. With  over 35 years of experience in the audio and music industry FAB aims to deliver products that will stand the test of time and hey, who knows, maybe  even one day become collectors items!

All microphones and transformers are developed and made utilising the best materials available. Our handmade microphone transformers are used the world over and are fast becoming the number one choice of microphone modders. See transformer page for customer feedback.

With a lifelong passion for audio quality it is our aim to produce equipment that will satisfy the needs of the audio professional. You can be assured of our best service at all times.

Our company mission is to continue to develop and improve through dedication and research. Please contact us for any further help or information.