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All our transformers are hand made using the very finest materials available.

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fab 4196 SMALL
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FAB 4196 An outstanding ribbon microphone matching transformer utilising the best available materials. This best selling transformer is suitable for modifying cheap ribbon microphones like the MXL and Apex models. The core is hand stacked and uses the finest available Permaloy 80% nickel laminations for maximum response .The finest copper wire is used for optimum output. Colour coded wires for easy identification.  Comes with complete instructions.


Turns Ratio         1:48

Primary Input DCR       0.07Ω

Secondary Output DCR      >88Ω +/- 5%

Effective Frequency Response 20-20KHz

Laminations   Permaloy 80% Nickel

Weight   32 grams

Dimensions   26 x 19 x 19

Compliance   RoHS

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FAB XL Created from the finest materials available this was designed to provide extra output from a  transformer the same size as the 4196 the XL standing for eXtra Loud. With a hand stacked core  the sound will satisfy the the most demanding audio professional. Colour coded wires. Ideal for modding older ribbon microphones that contain short ribbon motors. This can have a dramatic effect on the sound quality. Replacement service available.


The mics is finished, I've been tracking with it all week and it's just fabulous.

I got a theirsch capsule and all I can say is wow!  The mics sounds plush and lovely - I'm very lucky to work with both a male and female singer who have special voices who can actually make use of the rich tone. And boy is it a rich tone

So really, it sounds great all credit to you. I will be looking for 11s for my m49 although there is s side of me that thinks just make the design another U47 in the M49 case.

I did do a u47 build for a friend with peluso parts many years ago, and I was never satisfied with its sound, I used s Russian tube but I don't think that was the problem, nor the capsule, I honestly think it was the transformer because I've heard this ringing 6k overtone sound in other peluso transformers - Chinese metal? Who knows? Anyhow yours had none of that business, just pure tone. 

FAB V8 installed in U47 clone


Chris, I couldn't resist to try your transformer. The second parcel has still not reached me, and I was anxious. I did not fully install the transformer, but just connect it to the schema without pulling the old Haufe. I must say that I am shocked. I tested a few different transformers, including the insanely hyped *M*, and never heard such a balanced clean tone.

The Haufe a little more muddy ( not in good way)  and heavy in comparison. I like your transformer like all that I have heard lately. Congratulations, this is beautiful work. I wish you all the luck in your case, I'm glad I was able to make myself to keep looking, otherwise I wouldn't have met your development. 





Hi Chris

Just installed the FAB V8 in my U47 clone and it’s great! Good bass and nice smooth mid range. Will need 2 more fet versions for another project I’m working on.

Many thanks



Hi, Chris.

So, I've spent a couple nights with the 4196 and I've got nothing but good things to say about.  Great tone.  Warms up the mids and lows but also adds a crispness to the highs that isn't ever harsh.  Very smooth.  Very musical.  Like if a ribbon and condenser had a baby and it inherited each of its parent's best traits :)

One big selling point of the 4196, in my opinion, is the extra clean gain.  Most folks I know who use ribbons do so with either a Cloudlifter or a Fethead.  Well, the 4196 adds enough extra gain that you may not need anything else.  I tested the 4196 *without* my Fethead using a Steinberg interface with Yamaha D-Preamps and I had plenty of gain, enough even for soft vocals.  I bring this up because someone looking to mod a ribbon mic would normally buy #1 the mic, #2 an upgraded transformer, and #3 an inline preamp (i.e. Fethead or Cloudlifter).  Well, with the 4196, they may not actually need to purchase #3.  That would save folks a lot of money.

I tried the 4196 with my Fethead as well and liked what I heard. The extra gain helped clean up an acoustic guitar track by dropping the noise floor.  And, on a vocal, it allowed me to back off the mic to combat the excessive proximity effect that affects many ribbons.

If you want me to complain about something, the wires to the XLR pins were so long that I had to trim them to fit them into the mu metal can.

 How's that for nit-picking :)

Thanks again for the opportunity to test your transformer.



Hi Chris

I fitted the transformer to the MXL mic and it works a treat - a bigger, smoother sound - Great. i had to enlarge the cut out on the board to make it fit but it wasn't much hassle. The mic sounds about 500% better than when I got it, as I mentioned before the ribbon was very slack (4 mm or so movement) and not lined up evenly between the magnets. It's a shame they don't quality control things a little better from the factory and that you have to void the warranty to get things working properly.




Hi Chris

I installed the transformer in an old Alctron RM15. After I installed the FAB transformer I immediately noticed the increase in clean gain and a much clearer, thicker mid range and smoother top end. I think this is a great transformer, especially for the price and I'm looking forward to installing the second oneAlex. June 2015

Hi Chris,

Just a quick note about the transformer. It arrived today, very quick shipping. I swapped out the stock transformer from the mic for yours, what a difference! The signal is incredibly strong and quiet. In addition to this, there is a noticeable increase above 2k. it’s really rounded the mic out. It still has a nice fat bottom end but it now is so much clearer.

Thanks again for looking after me with this transformer, it’s turned a cheap mic into a great mic.

Cheers, Michael (Australia)


“This XL transformer delivers as advertised: loud and clear!

J.A. (Germany)


"I prepared the test mics, we made a big test, your transformer performed really good(good mid-balance, and high-clear output), I'll need another one to do a pair".

“Your fab pair is running now in a studio, we made a small test, the owner selected the fab equipped mic against the sowter ones”.

David (Hungary)








FAB METRON New and Improved! Made from the finest materials available the new FAB Metron is for those who prefer a lower turn ratio and lower secondary DCR. With a superb smooth vintage sound the Metron delivers like all FAB transformers. Colour coded long length wires. Full technical details included.


Turns Ratio         1:54

Primary Input DCR       0.07Ω

Secondary Output DCR      >100Ω +/- 5%

Effective Frequency Response 20-20KHz

Laminations   Permaloy 80% Nickel

Weight   34 grams

Dimensions   26 x 19 x 19

Compliance   RoHS

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Turns Ratio         1:38

Primary Input DCR       0.07Ω

Secondary Output DCR      <60Ω +/- 5%

Effective Frequency Response 20-20KHz

Laminations   Permaloy 80% Nickel

Weight   34 grams

Dimensions   26 x 19 x 19

Compliance   RoHS

FAB V8 - small

After extensive research and tests FAB have now developed a new transformer as a direct replacement for the BV8 found in the Neumann U47 and similar microphones. It's called the FAB V8 and uses a 6.5:1 ratio on a custom designed 4 chamber bobbin to FAB's original design. These are handmade and wound to the original Neumann specifications  and are as close to the original as it’s possible to get with a few FAB improvements! Also available is a U47 FET style with a 9:1 ratio called the FAB V8F and a  BV11 style 10:1 ratio transformer called the FAB V11 suitable for M49 style microphones.Transformers come with full instructions

Specification FAB V8  Ratio                 6.5:1

Dual 4 chamber custom manufactured bobbin

Faraday Shielding

Primary DCR               674 ohms    +/- 5%

Secondary DCR          17 ohms       +/- 5%

Size                                42mm x 35mm x 25mm

Weight                         108 grams

FAB V Transformers

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Models are:    FAB V8  (U47)  6.5:1          FAB V8F  (U47FET)  9:1           FAB V11  (M49)     10:1



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FAB V12 also available for U67 type microphone- please contact for details.